DiMON is an innovative product to make Facility management smarter and easier     

What does DIMON do?

Dimon - monitors, measures and analyzes shell protection like roller and fire shutters to optimize the use of, and extend the life of, the product.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Error detection
  • Proactive maintanence
  • Event log
  • Mobile alerts 


DiMON - a Swedish invention born from the idea that safe and easily accessible facilities will simplify, secure and refine for many occupational categories as well as visitors in a facility. 

Our vision is, through modernized service and maintenance within facilities, guarantee passages in and out of buildings like hospitals, malls, schools and industries at all time with distance monitoring.

In an more automated world it will be a necessity for doors, gates and other shells in a facility to be monitored so that safety is kept on top, fire evacuation works and that the property owner can guarantee passage.

DiMON is an intelligent product that effectively monitors, measures and analyzes shell protection around-the-clock, to guarantee the products functions at all time


By being preventive your building will work optimally and safely. With a more preventative strategy, you get maximum efficiency potential like control of the operating budget and reduced maintenance costs.


Monitors, measures and analyzise all funtions around the clock. Secures the products functions and optimize the operation. Dimon compiles continuously statistics and reports.


DIMON is userfriendly and therefor supplier independent. Either integrate DIMON into existing operating system, or get access to Dimon's own portal.


You can control all connected gates, doors and roller shutters directly from the phone. Clear overview of the property's functions. DIMON provides a smart property, no malfunctions or downtime.


Real-life case

High downtime costs

"If they do not fix the gate right away - I will take a forklift and drive straight through it!"

The quote came from a supervisor at EON when an industrial gate could not be opened after several attempts, which meant they couldn´t deliver an important replacement part to another unit. For EON, it was more cost effective to pay SEK100,000 for a new gate, compared to the downtime costs for the business. This was the starting point of our idea - DIMON - a Swedish innovative IT-product that monitors shell protection around the clock.


The future of a safe facility
  • Pro-Active Monitoring.
  • Error detection around the clock.
  • Real time troubleshooting.
  • Simplified maintenance & repairs where you know, in advance, what to do.
  • Easily monitored by facility staff and user.
  • Possiblity to control the product and do the right kind of self-service.
  • Minimize the risk of malfunction and downtime costs.      

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