Tekniska Specifikationer

Technical Specifications
Dimension & Weight
Power board and Logic board incapsulated in an IP44 box 210x260x96 mm
Weight: 660 gramPower
1 phase 230-240V ACApproval according to
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) directive 2014/30/EU
Low voltage directive (LVD) 2014/35/EUFeatures Dimon Smartbox

Operates Roller Shutter, Roller Grilles, Fire shutters and Fire Curtains

– Open/close operations with key switch, card reader, alarm, remote control, timer, multi operation
– Safety options such as key lock, photocell, safety edge, audio visual alarm, emergency opening
– Stop functions such as emergency stop, limit switch, magnetic switch
– Fire control operations through alarm signal, smoke detectors, battery backup
– Customised settings such as time delay, safety control, emergency operation
– Easy to upgrade Dimon Smartbox to RTM Features Dimon RTM

Monitors, Measures and Operates Roller Shutter, Roller Grilles, Fire shutters and Fire Curtains
In addition to Dimon Smartbox.

– Monitors every operation in real time
– Measures the functionality of each installed option in combination with product settings
– Connection to cloud database with integrated AI, through GSM, NBIoT, WiFi,
– Online access application for conditioned based quick response analysis (maintenance?)
– Smart building functions together with security, entrance, eco and facility management systems
– Battery backup in case of power loss

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